Our Services

Crane & Equipment Rental

Crane services are provided on an “operated only” basis with a full range of riggers and rigging as required. This is important to the maintenance and quality condition of Limehouse equipment.

Safety and overall outcome of each job is assured by the use of experienced personnel. Limehouse cranes are tested and certified by an independent company annually to meet state and federal requirements.

Crane rentals are available on an hourly basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Weekly and monthly rates are available upon request.

Industrial Maintenance

Limehouse and Sons offers a wide variety of Industrial Maintenance Services which include but are not limited to: Mechanical Services, Equipment Installation and Millwright Services.

With the personal touch Limehouse and Sons has to offer, each job will be researched and quoted by an expert in the field, who will put together a game-plan to bring your project to fruition.

Whether you need items fabricated in our 22,000 square foot shop, or the job needs to be performed on-site, we will meet your needs.

Custom Fabrication

With nearly 20,000 square feet of space, our well-equipped shop can handle your fabrication needs. From welded steel gates to 20-foot diameter stacks reaching 300 feet into the air, we do it all. We specialize in conveyors for material handling, hoppers, stairs, platforms, ladders, and with over 200 combined years of experience, our talented staff can custom build whatever you need to make your operation run smoother and more efficiently.

Limehouse & Sons can install and maintain what we build and we have in-house detailers to provide the necessary shop drawings for any and all of our projects. Our customers range from but are not limited to; cement plants, paper mills, lumber mills, to carbon plants, chemical plants, and power plants. Whatever the job, we are confident we can help you build the things that build your business.

Design & Engineering

Our Design and Engineering team is committed to helping you with your project every step of the way. Our team of experts tackles design and engineering of support structures, convey systems and much more.

If you need assistance with the design or engineering of your project, please reach out to us! We are happy to help!

Millwright Services

If you need equipment installation, dismantling, repair or reassembling, our Millwright Services are here to help! We can also help with moving machinery in your factory, power plant or construction site. Contact us today to learn more!

Service & Rigging

Although our cranes are available to rent, we also offer full crane service and rigging if you’d like our team to handle ALL the heavy lifting! For rates and further information, please reach out to us to discuss the job and your specific needs so that we may provide you with the most accurate quote.

Equipment Installation

Limehouse and Sons specialize in Equipment Installation. We frequently help move, replace, or install Condensers, Air Conditioning Units, and a vast array of other items requiring heavy lifting for installation. Contact us today to learn more and get help on your next big equipment installation project.

Why us?

We’ve Got the Tools

Our fleet of cranes are available 24/7 and range from 12-350 tons with a reach of 51 – 263 ft.

Safety Protocol

All of our employees are MSHA and OSHA certified and also Browz, ISN Networld and Alliance Safety Council compliant.

Competitive Pricing

We work together with your team to create a custom budget specific to your project needs.

Job Outcome Assured

Limehouse cranes are tested and certified by an independent company annually to meet state and federal requirements.

50+ Years Experience

Limehouse & Sons has been a family owned and operated business since our establishment in 1954.

Great Support

We work with you from idea to completion on every project to ensure you are satisfied!