Giving Back

At Limehouse and Sons we make it our mission to give back to the community in as many ways as possible. When it comes to giving back for a good cause, we feel that education is a BIG priority. That is why we have been the presenting sponsor for the DD2 Foundation’s Big Event since 2015.

The Big Event is an annual fundraiser to raise money for the Dorchester Two Educational Foundation. Why is this sponsorship so dear to our hearts? In our 60 years in business, we have never had more of a challenge filling the skilled labor positions we have available!

The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce estimates that more than 35,000 new jobs will come to the Low country over the next five years. Most of these jobs can be directly attributed to manufacturers and their supply chains. Existing industries are expected to grow and new businesses are expected to call Charleston home. This will be wonderful for our community, our businesses, and more importantly, our children- especially if we are able to provide quality education and training. We all can benefit from this growth.

How you can help

The DD2 Educational Foundation is responding to the demand of the skilled workforce by joining with leading representatives in the industry to build a state of the art Advanced Manufacturing Center for high school students. We are seeking to raise $1 million dollars for the state of the art manufacturing lab. We are so close to reaching our goal! To date, we have raised over $534,000 for this specific program!

To learn more about this cause please click below. We are thrilled to be helping our community in such a big way!